Kitchen cabinets cost can make up to seventy percent of the total kitchen remodel cost, making it the most expensive part of kitchen remodeling.

As cabinets are the most dominant kitchen element they are one of the most vivid ways of giving your kitchen a new look. They are needed to create space for all the cooking equipment you are using.

In the last year there are several trends of kitchen appearance – many people chose it to be more formal, dark shade of wood, combined with dining or family room to get more area. To get more overall space, people often combine kitchen cabinets with other furniture. Putting bigger cabinets on top of a smaller ones to get even more space.

Kitchen cabinets come in a two mail types – frameless (European) and face frame. Most of cabinets that are made in US are face frame. They also come in variety of materials, of which the most commonly used are laminates, hardwoods, painted woods and veneer.

New kitchen cabinets cost can severely vary in price – from cheap ones that cost less than $1000 to extremely expensive ones.

Considering kitchen cabinets cost per linear foot, if there is no hand crafted finishes or exotic woods involved, kitchen cabinets of an average 10X12 foot kitchen, equipped with pre made stock cabinets, will cost up to $5000, not including installation cost. Semi custom cabinets should not pass $10,000. Custom kitchen cabinets cost the most, and price can get up to $20,000.

Laminate kitchen cabinets are often cheaper variant, stock line usually cost between seventy to two hundred dollars, semi custom ones vary from two hundred to four hundred dollars, and completely custom built usually cost four hundred and more. Veneer kitchen cabinets are also economical, with price similar to laminate. Solid wood and painted wood kitchen cabinets are considerably more expensive and their price varies from two hundred to more than three hundred dollars for non custom, and for hundred to up to thousand dollars for semi custom and custom made ones.

Melamine covered cabinets are usually cheaper but also less durable and their hardware is usually low grade, in contrast to plywood and hardwood materials that are more expensive but also more durable. Hardwood veneers are usually top of the line. Cabinets made with dovetail and dowel joints are more durable than nailed and glued ones, but are usually more expensive.

If the price is the most important factor, then you should buy modular or stock kitchen cabinets. On the high end, custom cabinets are almost always the most expensive, but they also feature a unique design.

If you are hiring contractors, they will often give you estimation of kitchen cabinets cost on a per-unit base, counting each door, panel and drawer as one unit. Price will usually range from hundred fifty to two hundred fifty dollars, depending on material used and other factors.

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